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A visit from the Easter Bunny

Image by aussiegall via Flickr

I hope you all had a lovely Easter!

This year was our very first food and sugar free Easter and I have to say it was marvelous! The absence of kiddos hopped up on too much sugar with ramped up adrenaline was not missed in the least.

It was strange but refreshing.

The kids had fun, the adults enjoyed the day, and we feel thoroughly ‘Eastered’ though there was nary a sugar crystal in sight.

How did we do it?

The Baskets

Easter baskets have never been a big deal for us. I am a big believer in ‘less is more’. I would get each kiddo a little stuffed Easter themed animal, some peeps, and whatever else I could grab easily and inexpensively.

This year we needed something inexpensive, fun, and food free.

I think the path we took was perfect 🙂

Each kiddo got a pad of water-color paper, a water color paint tray, and a package of crayons. In our household, that’s big stuff. They were delighted with their baskets and immediately wanted to color and paint.

The Eggs

Maya told me a few days before Easter that she was worried about the Easter bunny and her situation. She was sad that he was going to bring candy and she wouldn’t be able to eat any of it. The poor kiddo was worried about the safety of her Easter eggs! I quickly assured her that Mommy and Daddy had the situation under control and that we would handle the eggs. Her audible sigh of relief and instant relaxation blew me away. It was a real concern that she had trusted me enough to share.

I had been trying to think of something simple and non edible to put in the eggs this year and thought, why not money? Spare change that we’d accumulated over the past several months filled plenty of eggs. We also chipped in three one dollar bills to make things interesting.

Daddy and I had a blast hiding all of them in the backyard on “Easter Eve”. (Since they were food-free, there was no danger in setting them out the night before!)

As soon as we let the kiddos loose they took off running to find all the eggs.

When they had found them all, they came inside, breathless, and excited to see what was in their eggs.

I think they were excited to find money 🙂 After each kiddo had their change counted they came out pretty much even. That surprised me! I’m so glad it ended up that way.

Final Thoughts:

We had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed family.

What more can you ask for?

I’d say our Easter, though food free, was a total win 🙂

How did you handle keeping your family safe and happy this Easter?