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‘Gluten free’ is one scary mamma jamma to me. Why? All the different flours and flour combos and additives and different structures and weights and, and, and….

Scary stuff man…..

Unless you have someone holding your hand and showing you the way, that is. We find this helping hand in amazing cookbooks, helpful websites, etc. But there’s an element that can be very frustrating that’s true all over the place in the food allergy world. One person’s magic mixture is total poison to another.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the basic elements in a recipe so that we can tweak and adjust ingredients to work for us! That’s kind of how I am. I struggle coming up with stuff out of thin air, but give me a recipe and I can tweak it until it works.

So Let’s Get Started

To get started in gluten free baking I think the first and most important thing we need is a flour mix that works well. I finally found one that works for us right now and we love it. It helps to find a mix that can be substituted 1:1 for wheat based flours.

This mix comes from the lovely Cybele Pascal. She’s kind of the gluten free allergy free queen. I took her basic and swapped a flour to make it work for us and it’s working out beautifully.

4 cups oat flour

2/3 cup potato starch

1 1/3 cups tapioca starch

Tadaaa! There you have it! What’s amazing about this mix is the fact that it’s relatively inexpensive considering other gluten free mixes out there. Store it in the fridge and you’ll have it ready to go whenever the urge to bake pops up. So far I’ve only used the mix in cookies but I plan to make muffins and a quick bread as well to get a good handle on how it behaves. Cybele’s recipe calls for rice, super fine rice flour. We can’t do rice, so I subbed in oats. This is the mix I use in the Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies posted earlier this week.

Since I’m still very new to the world of non terrifying gluten free baking I’ll point you to the folks that are really good at it. This glorious looking quick bread, Banana Chocolate Swirl by Cybele Pascal was an instant hit with Maya, and so very pretty. We had fun baking together.

I also want to try a blueberry muffin but am still looking for the perfect recipe.

What do you guys have going on in your kitchens this week? Do share!