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Are you ready yet?

I’m a little behind with absolutely nothing, zip, nada prepared for the big day.

We have new options on our plate with Maya being able to eat chocolate so that will give us a little more wiggle room.

Next week we will see what else we can add to her list of foods to try, beginning with shellfish….

That’s another post for another day though, so I digress…

Easter. It’ll be here in a measly 10 days!

Treats and Decorating

At this point if, like me, you haven’t picked up a single thing and the allergy free offerings around your residence are slim you still have a slight window to order some treats.

Check out Peanut Free Planet for options for whatever allergy set you may have. They sell goodies from all sorts of allergy free manufacturers like Divvies, Enjoy Life, Surf Sweets, No Nuttin, etc. There is seriously something for everyone there.

Now for those that are egg free and want to get in on egg decorating.

Have you seen the eggs pictured above? I found them in my local Hobby Lobby!

Break out the paints and let your kiddos go to town designing their own Easter eggs. You can save them from year to year and add to your collection as you go.

Cool huh? I wish I had known about these years ago!

The Easter Baskets

We generally go very low key for holidays such as this and this year is no exception. Most of our Easter basket offerings are no food items.

  • Easter plush
  • Colors
  • Paints
  • Coloring Books
  • Bubbles
  • Markers
  • Pencils
  • Bendy Bunnies
  • Sidewalk Chalk

These are just a few things you can pick and choose from. I don’t buy all of these things every time for Easter as once you start multiplying each item by three the costs add up really quick. We usually just do a few things for as little as possible.

The Hunt

I think every kiddo should have the chance to hunt for Easter eggs. The more the better, and luckily they’re cheap!

Do I believe they have to have chocolate or candy in them to be fun or worth it?


What can you stuff in those plastic eggs that isn’t toxic to your children’s health and fun for all involved?

Last year we did pocket change. We have a habit of saving our change and had the genius idea to use it for our eggs. Yes, we had absolutely no food involved and our kiddos had a ton of fun!

You can fill eggs with cheap little trinkets too like little plastic animals and such. We’ve done that before and all the kiddos, food allergic and non, enjoyed themselves.

If you’d like to do food in the eggs, here are some great, mostly healthy options that are tasty too. (most of these would need to be hidden just before your egg hunt and are more practical for kids out of the likely to choke risk/age)

  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Grapes
  • Marshmallows
  • Enjoy Life chocolate chips melted and molded into Easter shapes
  • Berries

Even if you’ve done little to nothing to prepare for the coming holiday, you have a little time to get things ready! I’d advise not waiting any longer though, so let’s get on it!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is in this boat…pretty please?