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Here is an updated version of a post I published last September that may be helpful to you.

When you’re dealing with several or even one food allergy, eating in a restaurant is a daunting task.

Cross contamination is a BIG issue. It’s so easy to go from one food to another and most people don’t even think about it. I know I didn’t before food allergies. People go from mashing potatoes to flipping steak and so on and so forth without a second thought. Without washing their hands!!!

If you do plan to eat out, here are a few tips to help make it as safe an experience as possible:

  • Have a Chef’s Card handy and ready to go.
  • Have your medications and action plan with you at all times.
  • Go at a time when they aren’t very busy.
  • Call the restaurant ahead of time and speak with the Manager.
  • Work out a plan with the manager to best accommodate your needs.
  • When you enter the restaurant, speak with  the Manager, your Server, and the Chef preparing the food in question.
  • Give them your Chef’s Card.
  • Be kind, informative, and firm.
  • Tip well! They’ve done their very best to keep you and yours safe, they deserve a good tip 🙂

We’ve eaten out as a family once in the past….6 years now. We ate at Outback and their wonderful staff made their best efforts to make sure our kiddos were safe. It can be done!

One Note:

*I would not recommend dining at a pizza place if you are allergic to dairy, nor would I suggest Chinese for those allergic to nuts, but there are plenty of places out there that want to help you have a safe experience.*

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Happy Dining!