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When you’re dealing with food allergies and cannot eliminate them completely from your house, how do you go about keeping everyone safe in the kitchen?

Wash your hands!!!

Every time I touch something Maya can’t have, my hands get washed before I touch anything else. It makes for a lot of hand washing, but it’s worth it to cut down on cross contamination issues.

Don’t forget about the utensils, the sink, or the counter.  Warm water and soap will clear the proteins that cause an allergic reaction off for you. I’ll explain how to do this effectively further down.

Pay attention to the handles of soap pumps, handles, knobs and can openers.  Consider having a hand held can opener that you can completely immerse in hot soapy water to completely remove allergens.

Don’t forget the stove top! Sauces splatter and pots bubble over.  Once again, warm water and soap is your friend!

There’s a lot of soap and water going on in a food allergy kitchen!  You need to have easy access to both of them.  A few years ago I found a recipe from Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking for spray dish soap. I started making it immediately and am so glad I did. It makes things much easier. I’ve been trying to find the original recipe and can’t seem to find it, so I’ll share exactly what we do.

I fill up a large empty spray bottle with 8oz (1 cup) of liquid dish soap and then fill the rest of the bottle up with warm water. After I put the sprayer back on the bottle I gently roll the bottle around and turn it upside down to help the soap mix with the water. Viola! Spray soap that helps stretch your budget even further and will make it easier to keep things allergen free in your kitchen!

To Wipe Up A Spill Containing The Allergen

  1. Get two warm wet rags
  2. Spray your soap
  3. Wipe down surface with first towel
  4. Spray again
  5. Wipe again with second towel

That sounds like a lot of effort to wipe up a spill, but in our world I don’t even think about it anymore and cross contamination is a very rare occurrence.

To Wash a Dish Containing the Allergen

  1. Spray with soap
  2. Wash all visible traces of food off
  3. Wash hands
  4. Spray with soap again and use hands to cleanse.
  5. For peace of mind I sometimes spray and rinse a third time just to be sure.