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Have you been enjoying your first month of fall?

I can’t believe it’s almost done. I always say that October is my favorite month yet every single year it blows right past me. Orange, yellow and crimson adorns the trees we love so much.The chill in the air is undeniable. Fall is in finally in full swing here in Texas with our highs for the entire week not to move out of the 70’s! That means soup and yummy baked things.

It also means that Halloween is coming!

Halloween is a fun holiday for most people, but what about those dealing with food allergies? Halloween can be pretty scary for those of us that are beginning our food allergy journeys. This is a little late in the month, but there’s still time to talk about strategies for keeping your kiddos safe while allowing them to have a good time on Halloween night.

There has been lots of talk on twitter amongst the food allergy moms about trick or treating. Honestly, we’ve only done it once when Maya was teeny tiny and we didn’t know a thing about her food allergies.

After that year we just hung out at home and handed out candy. That worked for a few years until we moved into our current neighborhood.

Here we’re along a quickly moving road and the general Halloween ‘spirit’ doesn’t really exist. We’ve held vigil for two years armed with smarties and dumdums and other generally food allergy safe treats hoping for little ones to stop by our door.

We were sorely disappointed.

So last year we bought a small amount of candy to hand out and then had ourselves a Halloween party.

We made a fantastic vanilla chocolate chip cake that was suited to Maya’s fresh set of allergens and had a good time.
This year I think we’ll go along the same lines. It’s a little more difficult for us this year though because Maya cannot eat. Safe candy or treats won’t really do anything for her. As of right now she still has grapes, but I have no idea where we’ll be on the 31st.

I have a couple of genius trick-or-treating tips that I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Know your Emergency Action Plan through and through and have your medications with you.
  • Add gloves to the costume while trick-or-treating to prevent contact reactions.
  • Exchange buckets of unsafe candy for a bucket of safe candy you’ve pre selected. (I love that one!)

Additional Resources:

  • Kids With Food Allergies has a fabulous Halloween booklet full of awesome tips and tricks to keep Halloween safe and fun for your family.