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I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of sweet Amarria who went to be with the Lord January 2, 2012 because she ate a peanut at school and what we all work so hard to prevent, the unthinkable, happened..

I sat down to write many times this week, trying to find the words to say.

This unthinkable tragedy that struck such an innocent life kept ripping the words from my fingers.

I cannot begin to imagine the grief, but then again I can in a small way. My daughter, Maya, is 7, almost exactly the same age as Amarria. That odd coincidence makes this hit much closer to home.

So where do we go from here?

Have you checked on the emergency procedures in place for your children in their schools?

Have you met with all the people involved in their care to train them and help them be prepared to use an epi pen if need be?

Do they know what symptoms to look for?

Do they need a refresher course?

Epipenephrin saves lives my friends, it is paramount that your child have an injector at the ready at all times with them just in case.

And now I’d like to send you all over to Jenny from Nut-Free Mom.

Her recent post, Food Allergy Deaths are Tragic and Often Preventable covers the occurrences of the past week beautifully along with a note of encouragment.

She encourages us to take this opportunity to double check everything, tighten down our plans, and continue to live free.

Her hope is that we come away from this tragedy not with fear, but with determination and a plan.

Make sure to hug your kids extra tight and enjoy them as much as possible.

Also, if you’d like to leave a word of encouragement for the Johnson family, you may do so on their online guest book. You can leave them a prayer or simply let them know that you care and are thinking of them.

Let’s all be praying that the Lord wraps up this family with the comfort and peace only He can provide.