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*Warning, contains digestive issues*

Quick Update:

It’s been quiet around here for a couple of reasons.

Maya is now projectile vomiting regularly. Her GI doctor wants to do a scan to see how quickly her stomach empties. She also asked me to increase the Nexium to preserve Maya’s throat. We could be looking at increased eosinophils in Maya’s stomach.

The reintroduction of the broccoli was an instant fail with almost immediate projectile vomiting. It may have been the broccoli, it may have been her stomach simply refusing to digest anything.

I am thankful we have the ball rolling quickly to see exactly what’s going on. I am frustrated that yet again, here we are. This is driving me bonkers! I’m praying with all my heart that we can get this figured out soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I promise to have some non EoE related posts up soon 🙂