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Here’s a little peek into life at the Frugal Food Allergy house plus a really important question at the end.

  1. It’s my first finals week! Eek! Yes, that rhymes, lol. It may or may not have been on purpose….
  2. The hours I’m currently spending on studying are relatively obscene
  3. I have so many posts in beginner baby stages, and a few series cooked up, but so not the time to make them happen
  4. I put pretty silver garland on my christmas tree and my husband was pleasantly impressed. Win. (I’m SO not a decorator, that’s why this is a big deal)
  5. I’m currently listening to a great podcast but paying no attention and that helps me concentrate, yes, I’m a mom, lol
  6. Maya is eating beans!….and refluxing….but she has beans!…..There’s a post coming up about this saga….
  7. Depression is a %#*&^, and I’m fighting the good fight.
  8. Cornbread with no sweetener is not cornbread. Jiffy style is the only style for me.
  9. I have a giveaway coming up with a super awesome Enjoy Life chocolaty baking deliciousness.
  10. Holidays are completely overwhelming for me and I teeter on the dangerous precipice of the dislike of them. Shame on me, but this is truth talk.
  11. Three kids in school at the same time = 3 identical fundraisers and volunteer requests. Help me….
  12. Life is crazy nuts right now but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  13. Next semester has no math and I’m so ridiculously happy about that.

I appreciate you all so very much have a question for you.

What kind of recipes would you like to see here? I need direction so I can make you stuff that will actually help. Maya safe food isn’t exactly everyone food. Laser focus works wonders! 

You can comment below the post or if you’re reading on email you can click over to the post and leave your note. Thanks guys!