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You or your child has received the life changing diagnosis of a food allergy and you realize that much of what you have to eat at home is dangerous. What do you do?

The first thing that will more than likely have to change is how you look at food. The only way to eat frugally on a restricted diet that I am aware of is to make things yourself. So when you go grocery shopping, you’re looking for ingredients, not a bunch of prepackaged junk.

With that in mind:

Shop around the perimeter of the store:

Whole foods in their whole forms don’t need a lengthy, hard to decipher label. An apple is an apple. A banana is a banana. A cut of chicken is simply that, chicken.

Avoid products with long, hard to read labels

After being told you can’t eat dairy, wheat, egg, nuts, etc… and you start reading labels, you will more than likely see them in practically everything.  I buy things like flour, yeast, salt, oatmeal, sugar, so on and so forth. Those things have really easy to read labels as they only contain one thing. Other things like applesauce, I buy the ‘natural’ form. That means it has no high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) Short labels with ingredients that you can recognize on sight is definitely the way to go.

Check out your local health food store(s)

We have two in my immediately local area that I adore. My most frequently visited store is a gem. I love the people that work there and they’ve come to recognize me and my brood. Their products are very reasonably priced and I can find things like steel cut oats, various gluten free flours, specialty items like nutritional yeast, quinoa, Daiya Vegan Cheese, and several other items that I simply can’t find in a run of the mill grocery store.

Perks to grocery shopping with this new navigational lens:

  1. You’ll spend less time at the grocery store
  2. You’ll know exactly what’s in your food
  3. You’ll be providing much healthier food for you family

Up next we will go into meal planning with food allergies!

Do you have any grocery shopping tips to share? I’d love to hear them! Feel free to share them in the comments so we can all benefit 🙂

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