Long Wedding Dress for Couple with Flowers

Image by epSos.de via Flickr

We have the wedding of a dear family member to attend this Friday. Two of our three kiddos are a part of the wedding party! Maya will be one of two flower girls and Jesse will be the ring bearer. They are so excited to be an important part of this special occasion!

Amidst the wonderful excitement lies a layer of angst about the event immediately following the ceremony…

The Reception

The reception is a time to celebrate the unity of the newly-wed couple and we all know that like most events in our culture, it revolves around food. This particular wedding will take place at noon and the reception will be a luncheon style making food a major component.

I’m not worried a bit about feeding my kids. It’s really simple to just bring our own food. What I’m worried out of my mind about is everybody else eating all the dairy containing products. There will be a cheese ball and ranch dip served. I’m seeing visions of well meaning relatives covered in cheese and ranch dressing wanting to interact with my kids. Cake crumbs and drips sprinkling tables and floors… Have I ever mentioned my dairy paranoia?

Even though I’m extraordinarily apprehensive of the situation, I know what to do to give my kiddos their best chance at being safe while being involved in the reception and I’d like to empower you with that information.

When you face a situation such as this:

  • Know your emergency action plan through and through. Bring it with you!
  • Keep all emergency medications along with your measuring utensils within hand reach.
  • Research local hospitals and have numbers and addresses in your medication kit just in case.
  • Remember, you are your child’s advocate. Do not be afraid to do whatever it takes to keep your children or yourself safe. It’s hard to be assertive in a situation like that, but trust me, it’s important that you put that aside and keep your kiddos safe.
  • Give your kiddo a refresher of the rules for dealing with their allergy(ies). For example: “Don’t touch food” “Don’t eat anything but what Mom and Dad give you” or if they’re older “If there’s no ingredient label, don’t eat it!”
  • Bring food for your kiddos that is similar to what will be served, but safe. I will feed mine an early lunch and have a safe sweet treat and maybe a snack or two for the reception.
  • Make sure the table you choose to sit at is clean and safe. If you have to rub it down to feel safe, go for it. I will.
  • You or somebody you trust needs to have an eye on your kids at all times. I don’t plan to be further than arms reach away from Maya or Joshua the entire time.
  • Remember that hand washing is critical, especially when away from home. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you touch your kids if you plan to eat the provided food.

I hope this is empowering for you! Having a plan should help ease your mind and allow you to enjoy yourself.

Do you have any tips to share in dealing with a similar situation? Have you” been there done that”? If so, please share! I know I’m not the only one who needs the encouragement.