10 08, 2014

Growing Out of a Dairy Allergy

Growing out of a dairy allergyHope, disbelief, jubilation.

That sums up Monday afternoon until right this minute. You see, my youngest kiddo, Joshua, outgrew his dairy allergy. The H in the picture stands for histamine, the C is control, and the M is for dairy (milk) protein. I didn’t get a picture with the marker on his back, thus the add-ins. I knew growing out of a dairy allergy was possible, but I dared not believe it could be possible for us. How glad I am to be proven wrong. The picture to the left shows how incredible a change we had. There was truly no bump whatsoever on his back.

Right now the possibilities are truly endless. The day is peppered with “I can have insert random previously forbidden food here“!

I keep thinking up lists of all the things I want him to experience. His current request is a donut from a donut shop. How can we possibly deny him that simple pleasure? As soon as I find an appealing donut shop that’s exactly what we’ll do. Personally, I want to give him a big drippy ice cream cone.

You see, this outgrowing is happily placed right in the middle of us transplanting to a very different city. It’s only a few hours away from Tyler, but it sort of feels like a different planet right now. We’ve gone from the middle of East Texas to Fort Worth.

It blows my mind that this boy of mine gets […]

23 06, 2014

Simple Summer Moments

This evening a very special happening took place. As I was working on our (late) summer dinner Jesse said he saw fireflies.

23 04, 2014

Real Talk: Holidays and Food Allergies

Easter came, it went, and now it’s over! To be honest, while I’m slightly exhilarated at this ending, I’m also slightly in mourning.

Why? I miss food.

You see, Easter, as well as holidays in general, used to mean feast.

These days they mean the opposite of feast to me. Holidays don’t even feel ‘special’. They feel like a whole lot of stress, and very little to show for it.

Celebrations don’t have to revolve around food, and I still stand by that, but something feels like it’s missing….

Guys, I’ve dropped the ball.

Instead of coming up with neat alternatives or using the amazing resources available to find alternatives from my incredible blogging friends that share our story, I quit. I said, “food just doesn’t matter anymore”. But…it does. It totally, absolutely does.

Food is our medium for connection.

I don’t know about you, maybe I’m just totally food obsessed, but all of my favorite moments, the ones that stand out, are around food. Making it, eating it, sharing it, even cleaning up after it.

Vegan Cadbury Egg Making

So, Sunday in a very late in the game decision, I made cadbury-esq eggs. Vegan, delicious, and amazing. And guess what? Even though they were time consuming and incredibly sticky and even a little frustrating to put together, the delight I saw in the three little ones I get to call my own made it all worth it.

Maybe writing off the holidays was a survival mechanism. Maybe it was […]