In this quiet before to storm of the spring semester, I’m reassessing lots of things: note-taking, planning, ways to keep up with ALL THE THINGS, time management, etc. School starts back up for me January 19th, or next Tuesday, and I can’t wait! Three semesters left and I’ll be ready for an internship! w00t w00t!

what’s a bullet journal?

My reassessment led me to something I’ve seen before but didn’t quite click for me until now. Enter the bullet journal system, a pretty,  completely customizable and highly visual way to organize pretty much everything in my life. This led into the how’s and who’s and what’s and when’s and all the questions that must be answered when surveying a new system. A key component of the system is lists. I love lists. I’m not just saying that, I really do love lists (and lamps)…name that movie…


Moving on, the reason why all of this is relevant to Frugal Food Allergies is simple. We need a space to keep all of our ideas, thoughts, lists, appointments, food logs (for trials and such), medications, lists, activities, and generally what life looks like. For me this includes school schedules for all of us, assignments, projects, all of that stuff. That’s why I think this system is absolutely GENIUS. We have a ton of stuff to keep track of. I know trying to keep it all in my head is actually driving me insane and if I’m truly honest, doesn’t work at all. Things have been slipping through the cracks and I want to slow down that process as much as I can.

Then I saw all the pretty hand-lettering and doodles that can go with it and I was hooked. Visual goodness!

I’m still working on gathering what I’d like to use so I can get everything set up the way I want it.

The key that really sparked my interest was a video that really showcased what this system can do for me. If you want to check it out, I’ve embedded it within the post. You may need to click over to the site to view if you’re reading this in an email.

I don’t know about you, but I have a really good feeling about 2016. With a little bit of planning it’s going to be amazing!!!