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Today is prep day. Tomorrow I go to the school to enroll my oldest two, one of which is Maya whose story you’re all familiar with.

School starts on the twenty-seventh. Am I nervous? Oh my goodness yes. Am I excited about this new stage we’re throwing ourselves into? Indeed.

I’ve been struggling personally with the feeling of ‘giving up’ our homeschooling to go into the public school realm. I want so much to be able to ‘do it all’ but it’s literally crushing me trying to attempt the feat. How many of us have been there? I’m tired of being there.

This means I’m trusting people I’ve never met before (that will change as of tomorrow) to take care of the little girl that inspired this very blog. I’m letting go for the VERY FIRST TIME to let her begin to manage her food allergies without me right by her side. Am I crazy? Possibly but honestly I think this is the very best decision we could make at this point in time.

I’m hoping and praying that Maya and Jesse are able to make good friends, learn a lot, and thrive. I plan to be totally involved in the school with PTA, room mom, helper, whatever they need from me to make sure the year is safe and fun.

We’re extraordinarily lucky with the fact that not only is the school TWO blocks away from our house, our kids won’t be the first allergy kids to go through. They already have procedures in place to ensure the safety of other students with food allergies! That makes my heart so happy 🙂

This is such a remarkably huge step for me. Letting go of control, trusting. Hoping for the best. You can bet I’ll work my tush off making sure Maya is just as included and welcome as her brother.

When is school starting for y’all?