Guys, this is a post that I’ve struggled with, wrestled with, and seriously debated ever letting see the light of day. It’s not controversial, it’s just real talk, food allergy style.

The past year or so, yes…. I said year, food just felt like so much. There’s so much tangled up in the simple act of eating. Life or death, security, nourishment, connection, etc. and it’s all… Too much. Like the entire world sitting on my shoulders and getting heavier with each passing meal. We spent over a year with no real news, no progress, and little hope for improvement with our EoE saga.

Folks, I quit. Not in the total sense of the word, but I simply wasn’t in it.

Everything felt so big. So scary big. So I squished it into a box and put it away on a high shelf deep in this silly brain of mine.

It sat there. Gathered dust. I avoided it, left it alone, never even laid eyes on it.

Well, it can’t stay there. It’s time to dust that box off and get to cooking. We made some progress recently and if I think about it we really do have some fun things to work with that have yet to be taken away. Until they are taken they’re fair game.

That’s what makes things so hard, foods being introduced, opening new worlds, and then torn away. Over and over and over and over and over…….


So, the point of these words is this. Take heart Momma’s, we’re in this together. Sometimes food is just too much. Sometimes we have to go into survival mode and that’s okay. What’s not okay is staying there and never leaving. There are precious little ones that desperately need us to pick ourselves up by the seat of our pants and keep moving forward. There is strength in that, enormous strength.

That strength produced some pretty epic dinner tonight. One Maya safe, one boy safe, totally frugal and super tasty for all of us. Look forward to those recipes, they’re coming.

Keep on keeping on, we’ve got this!

What have you been struggling with lately if I may be so bold as to ask?