photo by Takashi Ota

This evening a very special happening took place.  As I was working on our (late) summer dinner Jesse said he saw fireflies.

Fireflies….In our backyard!!!!!!

Of course I had to go see.

We all piled outside and stood quietly where Jesse said he’d been standing  just moments before.

Sure enough, the fireflies were there, quietly chatting with each other in the twilight. Oh how honored I feel. It is now, just now, authentically summer for me. I’ve always wanted to do that simple little thing; watch fireflies in my backyard. Now my kids know what that feels like! What joy! The fireflies, in all their simple glory, are here.

In all the food allergy summer hub-bub with vacations, barbecues, trips, camps, etc I pray that you’re taking the time to enjoy the simple summer moments around you. Now is a time for simplicity. For simple luxurious moments. Crickets singing. A cool breeze. Waves lapping at the shore. Ice-cream (allergy free of course). Snow Cones. Everyone together. Time.

What do you wait for to tell you it’s finally really and truly summer? My Mom’s is Crepe Myrtle blooms. When she can pinch one summer has arrived for her.

So tell us! What makes summer real?