What do you do for you? This life with food allergies can be extremely stressful. What do you do to take time for yourself and recharge?

I have a suggestion for you! 

Have you tried Yoga?

I’ll tell you a little story.

I’ve dabbled in yoga for a few years here and there but never actually commited to a full practice. YouTube was a fantastic resource so I could do my own thing at home.

I loved the flexibility yoga gave me and the peace it gave my mind. I never went ‘inside myself’ mind you, you have to be very careful with that, I choose to pray when encouraged to become one with whatever or open up my mind etc…

Moving along, I happened upon a forty-five minute long practice that intrigued me. I blocked off some time and got to work. It was difficult, I wasn’t anywhere near as flexible as the lovely lady in the video, but I made it through as best as I could.

After I was done, I had the strangest sensation. I couldn’t put a name to it or feel where it was coming from right away. It took me a few minutes to figure it out.

After puzzling for a little while I realized that the odd sensation was in fact the absence of something that has plagued me for years.

My shoulders had completely relaxed and there was no tension whatsoever. None.

I was so excited!

Can you remember the last time your shoulders were completely loose and your head didn’t ache from the tension?

Might I encourage you to take a little time for yourself and try a bit of yoga?

I need to get back into a regular practice myself actually. Lately I’ve been working more on dynamic cardio trying to tone up and lose a bit of weight. Tension has crept back up, headaches are starting again, and my overall sense of well being is not as great as it could be.

It’s time for some hard-core relaxation friends. Let’s Yoga!

There are all sorts of levels to get started. I’ve linked to a couple of videos on youtube for you to check out :



I started at the beginning and worked my way up to intermediate. There are tons of free videos for you to try so you can find the right fit for yourself. Sometimes when I’m feeling ambitious I go for advancedSmile

Have a happy, relaxing day!

Photo by: lululemon athletica