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Do something spontaneous with your kiddos!

Being a food allergy family, spontaneous is a word that is rarely in our vocabulary. Outings must be carefully planned if they’ll span a meal time or snack.

I’d like to encourage you to do something spontaneous this week.


Image by Mike_fleming via Flickr

Go to the play ground! (with your emergency action plan and meds of course) Play with your kids!

Go to the park! Bring a ball and play in a new or different place!

Put out the sprinkler and let the kids romp around in the yard!

Put on your own suit or some shorts and a shirt you don’t mind getting wet and get out and play too!

Make a mud puddle or go splashing through some of your own if you’re lucky enough to have some.

Get some sidewalk chalk and create some art!

Break out the water colors or other paints and let your children create a masterpiece!

Break out the board games or some cards and play a game!

See? This is easy and so much fun.

I know it takes my worries away for just a little while to do something just fun and happy with my kids.

Now it’s your turn!

Can you think of anything your kiddos would love to do with you that you don’t do often? Go out and do it!

Happy Summer and thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a fabulous rest of your day 🙂