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In the light of thinking back, I though it might be fun to compare some then and now’s from our food allergy life. Some of these you may relate to, some you may not, but I hope you enjoy them just the same.

Then: I had a diaper bag and/or a large purse with a gallon ziplock baggy containing all our emergency medication, in their original packaging. It fell out, leaked, basically wreaked havoc on anything and everything I carried in whatever ginormous bag I was carrying.

Now: I have a perfect sized purse with three compartments. The front and back compartments fit our epi pen packs ( I carry two for Joshua and two for Maya) other emergency medications perfectly while the middle compartment holds my things. It’s not even a big purse! My how things have changed 😉

Then: Any sort of allergic reaction would send me into panic mode and I’d totally freak out when Maya’s eyeballs would swell.

Now: Her eyeballs are no longer swelling at random moments and I actually know exactly what to do in the off-chance they do.

Then: Food allergy free recipes online were very scarce. Information was hard to find.

Now: There are recipes galore! All you have to do is look in the right places.

Then: Kids With Food Allergies had the same forums they do today, but to be a part of them you had to pay a fee that I did not have at the time.

Now: Their forums are totally free to use and are chock full of amazing people willing to help you. They’ve also recently redesigned their site and it’s fabulous and easy to navigate.

Then: Menu planning was a beast.

Now: It’s still a beast, but it’s becoming slightly easier as the years go by.

Then: I had no idea. Seriously, I was totally clueless about the world of food allergies. In fact, looking back I see how lucky we’ve been as I shudder at the lack of information.

Now: There is a ton of information stuffed in my brain as well as at my fingertips via the wonderful world-wide webs.

Then: I didn’t know anybody else that was dealing with food allergies. Nobody.

Now: I know an amazing group of women via blogs and twitter that come together and support each other when needed. It’s pretty awesome.

Next up, I want to find a pen pal for Maya so she can have a food allergy/EoE friend too. If anybody is interested she is seven years old! You can email me to set something up