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Valentines Day (coming up in A WEEK!!!) is statistically one of the most dangerous holidays of the year due to the high volume of chocolate, candies, and personal affections dispersed. Mylan Specialty (makers of the Epi-Pen) released a disturbing study regarding the very real dangers of Valentines Day for those with food allergies.

Here’s a snippet from their press release:

Less than half of parents (47%) talk to their child about risks posed to children with life-threatening allergies from physical contact related to Valentine’s Day, such as being kissed by someone who has recently eaten food they may be allergic to

That totally shocked me until I realized that I haven’t really talked to my kids about it as they’ve never really been out and about on V-Day. The next two statistics blow my mind. I’m not this far yet as my kiddos are still quite young. The thought of Maya dating strikes terror into my heart so I tend to just block it out thinking we’ll deal with that bridge when we come to it. Well, I think I may need to change my strategy now.

  • Only 47% of parents tell their teen that when going on dates, they should tell their date about their life-threatening food allergy
  • 35% of parents did not indicate that they remind their teen to bring his/her epinephrine auto-injector on dates

This is scary stuff folks. Valentines Day should be a day of love and fun, not of anaphylactic reactions and emergency room visits.

We need to change this guys.

It’s up to us.

When was the last time you talked with your kiddos about how to use their Epi Pen? Do they know exactly what constitutes needing that shot?  Let’s get these conversations started now so that we can prepare our kids as best as possible

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Make Your Own!

Let’s come together and make sure our kiddos are well equipped to deal with the coming situations of growing up with food allergies by keeping that conversation open and having plenty of allergy free goodies to keep everyone happy and included 🙂