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With Mother’s day upon us I feel that we should take a moment to celebrate who we, as food allergy moms are.

We are champions, we are warriors, we are protectors, we are safe.

We love with a fierce intensity that cannot be explained.

We fight so that our children can receive the care and education they deserve.

Mess with our kids and you’ll get our full wrath.

Treat our children as equals and you’ll get the exact opposite; our eternal gratitude, loyalty and friendship if you so choose.

Do you know who you are? Really, do you truly know?

You, my friend, are incredible. You are super mom in the flesh. Yes ma’am you are, don’t argue, just enjoy.

Happy Mother’s Day friends!

If you aren’t a Mom make sure to take some time to thank your own for what she’s doing and has done for you.

{photo by: tchasty}