January 26th, Maya’s allergist revealed a glorious dairy free, soy free, pea free margarine that I’d never even thought about looking at that I am very excited to share with you today. She told me that I could find it at a normal, everyday, regular grocery store. She told me that they recommend this product to all of their soy free, dairy free patients and that it’s made in a way that they’ve never heard of any problems of cross contamination or any reaction. She also told me that it was inexpensive, much less expensive than the current product I was using. I got excited.

Really excited.

So I went to my local, everyday, non specialty grocery store, walked to the dairy section, and lo and behold, there it was. Right there in the middle of all the butters.  I held my breath as I picked up the package from the shelf and scanned the label. I saw exactly what the dietician told me I’d see. I also saw that it’s certified Kosher Pareve. In trust, I paid a whole $1.82 for it and brought it home. Then it sat in my fridge. I had to work up the courage to serve my anaphylactic dairy allergic children this margarine. I finally did, and commenced watching my children. I periodically examined them waiting for the tiniest cough to sound or red mark to show itself. I watched them for a good two hours, and guess what?!? NO REACTION!!! Woo! I’ve been using it since and I’m so ridiculously glad to know of its existence.

It’s called Fleischmann’s Unsalted. It’s amazing. Get some, use it, and enjoy it!

Oh, and a quick note. It says it contains soy, but (now this is cool) soy lecithin and soy oil do not contain soy protein. How awesome is that?

Do you have any great, unexpected, allergy free finds to share?